Xontogeny believes that founding scientists and entrepreneurs, driven by passion and determination, are integral to the success of life science technology development. We focus on supporting the entrepreneurial pursuit by optimizing the development pathway with an exceptionally talented and experienced operational team to increase the probability of success with early drug and technology development.

Are you an entrepreneur with strong foundational research, robust intellectual property, an asset that you’ve identified for license, or an idea that you believe holds potential for the life science sector?

Would you find value in developing and honing your industry experience to support you in your leadership role and help accelerate your technology or ideas through to success?

Have past interactions with private equity and venture capital firms left you searching for an alternative that preserves control and allows retention of more equity?

Are you looking for financing alternatives to seed angel investing, friends and family, or debt?

If so, please inquire at entrepreneurs@xontogeny.com to learn more about how Xontogeny can work with you.