Industrial Professionals

At Xontogeny, we are convinced that the high failure rate in the biopharma industry is not strictly tied to technical risk, but rather to the choices that are made in the design of development programs from preclinical studies to early clinical trials. We believe a strong, dedicated, and experienced operational team can move beyond the historical industry averages of success in clinical development.

Are you a biopharma professional or service provider seeking an opportunity to work across a variety of technologies and therapeutic areas?

Do you have a track record of success in driving clinical programs that led to drug approvals?

Do you enjoy the satisfaction that comes from bringing therapies to the patients who need them?

Are you prepared to embrace the thoughtful and creative process in driving the critical pathways in early development that may improve the probability of success?

Please inquire at if you would like to be part of a dynamic, success-driven organization as an employee, consultant or service provider.