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About Xontogeny

Xontogeny (zon-TOJ-uh-nee) is a biotech aggregator with a differentiated business model to support the accelerated development of life science technologies in the pursuit of helping patients with serious diseases. Specifically, we partner with entrepreneurs, providing the leadership and operating experience needed to increase the probability of success with early drug and technology development.

At Xontogeny, we believe that scientific founders supply the passion and determination integral to the success of their companies. While the foundation of success is good science, how that science is developed from inception to maturity serves as the critical pathway. Therefore, we focus on supporting the entrepreneur’s pursuit and optimizing the development pathway with an exceptionally talented and experienced operational team. With our team’s track record of success, entrepreneurs of affiliated companies will gain the support and guidance they need while remaining lean, virtual, and without the financial burden of supporting a full-time team.

This dynamic model has the additional benefit of supporting the goals of the founding scientists and entrepreneurs to retain more control and equity, while increasing the chance of accessing investment, and ultimately development success.


We believe that founders are crucial to the success of a development program. We seek to support and guide scientific entrepreneurs through an optimized development pathway with an experienced operational team.

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Industry Professionals

We believe that sub-optimal program design and poor execution play a substantial role in the high failure rate associated with the biopharma industry. As such, we believe that an exceptionally talented and experienced operational team can help increase the odds of success.

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Chris Garabedian

Chairman and CEO

Chris Garabedian founded Xontogeny in June of 2016 to support multiple promising technologies from early development through clinical proof of concept. Learn More...

Fred Callori

SVP, Corporate Development

Fred Callori joined Xontogeny in September 2017 to support the company’s strategic and operational objectives, including providing overall corporate governance, transactional, and strategic advice to Xontogeny’s portfolio of companies. Learn More...

Joseph Edelman


Joseph Edelman founded Perceptive Advisors, LLC in 1999, a hedge fund focused on supporting the progress of the life sciences industry. Learn More...

Adam Stone


Adam Stone joined Perceptive Advisors, a hedge fund focused on supporting the progress of the life sciences industry, in 2006. Learn More...