We partner with innovative minds who have an expectation of success

We believe in the spirit of collaboration and working with smart people to foster creative solutions in achieving key milestones for the purpose of accelerating the advancement of new technologies. Join our network in this mission and help shape the future of our industry.

Entrepreneurs and Scientific Founders

We embrace and elevate the passion and drive of entrepreneurs.

At the heart of every good idea is the conviction and drive of a tenacious entrepreneur. Xontogeny intends to harness and direct the goal of each entrepreneur we work with to transform their idea/technology into a successful company.  We do this by working alongside our entrepreneurs on detailed program design and active support on execution from our team and expanded network. We welcome entrepreneurs and scientific founders across different experience levels and geographic areas to advance technologies that will shape the future of patient care. If you have a new company, compelling research, or simply a great idea and are not sure of the next step, the Xontogeny team is here to guide you.


Industry Professionals and Service Providers

We value industry professionals, consultants and service providers with deep experience across different healthcare sectors and determine the best way to invite high performers with domain expertise to join our team.

Xontogeny employs a lean and virtual business model by utilizing a wide ranging network of experts to advance and accelerate program development. We combine our internal core strengths with organizations such as CROs, CDMOs, regulatory experts and other consulting services to ensure program and company success. We are always seeking to expand our network and welcome new connections.


BioPharma and MedTech

We consider partnerships with operating companies around mutual strategic interests including licensing opportunities, collaborative research and potential spinouts for new company creations.

Xontogeny can apply its model and deploy seed financing through partnering with BioPharma and MedTech companies in the incubation and/or creation of new ventures through product licensing, research collaborations or enabling spinouts to advance innovative ideas with independent management and capital. We encourage active discussions and collaborations to bring forward innovative technologies that don’t fit with your company’s current priorities or areas of interest.


Investment Professionals

We participate in flexible and creative investment structures.

We sometimes seek syndicate partners for our seed investments and through our affiliation with Perceptive Advisors and involvement in the PXV Fund, we can invite syndicate investors into Series A and Series B financings to partner on the goal of creating high-valued companies. Our aim is to strengthen and expand our relationships in the investment community and we welcome active discussions around syndication.


Academic Research

Academic Research Institutions

We work with academic researchers at universities and government research institutes to advance their projects into development opportunities.

We bring industry insights and expertise to universities and academic investigators to guide the translation of their research towards commercialization. We actively engage with technology transfer offices to review technologies, provide guidance and steer the direction of projects. The Xontogeny team works with first-time and experienced entrepreneurs to guide intellectual property and set up the necessary infrastructure to advance an idea into a new company creation.


Innovation Centers and Incubators

We can work with third-party entities that support local and regional research to support startup ecosystems and drive economic development.

Xontogeny believes in offering our team and wide network to support innovation centers and incubators to early stage companies in the “valley of death” when talented industry professionals and capital from experienced life sciences investors is lacking.